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The reason for setting up this site is twofold, Firstly, to tell you about the bands and artists I have played over the years and secondly to let people hear some of my songs.

Another reason is quite poignant as just before Christmas 2011 I suffered TGA (Transient Global Amnesia). My wife rushed me to hospital at 1.30am where it was decided I would stay for tests. On arriving home at 3.30am she wandered into my office/recording studio and thought, "What will I do with all his songs?"

Hence, when I recovered she insisted I should get them all on-line.

I hope you enjoy my story, photos and songs and the tracks of Karen-Ana, who has one of the loveliest voices I have ever heard , I have also published a new song.

Here it is: created with the help of Opkar Hans on guitar and keyboard, 'My Woman Of The Night' just click below to take a listen

We are over a year old now and still coming across old friends and new ones too. I welcome any stories, photos etc from you.


December 2013

Please note a change in our telephone no: 01256 358725

October 2013

My son Leo found this YouTube video, and we had a giggle, as it's a song I wrote about F1 racing 10 years ago. We did send it to F1 and they promptly threatened legal action!! Hence, it was shelved!!

Someone has found a copy, added a racing film and put it on YouTube! Great when something pops its head up again after so long. Just wonder who did it?


September 2013

Some years ago I wrote, and recorded a demo, of this song about Basingstoke. Recently, when my friend Dan Putty, became Mayor he was pleased to use it as background music, at appropriate events, during his Mayorship. I was delighted with Danís decision and so glad the song was to be heard. The Gazette recently themed some articles about Basingstoke being a place to be proud of, which we should be!! To this end, Iíve added some photographs which I hope show a little of what Basingstoke has to offer.

The Basingstoke Song

August 2013

A few months ago I was contacted by a Paul Graham from Radio NL a Canadian Radio Station. They were holding a charity day supporting M.S and asked me if I'd say a few words. The interview goes out on Thursday 22nd on www.radionl.com and my contribution is timed for approx 11.30 pm GMT (3.35 Pacific time.) I know that Billy J Kramer has also been interviewed and his slot is timed for 9.45 GMT. Approx times as show is live.

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