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The reason for setting up this site is twofold, Firstly, to tell you about the bands and artists I have played over the years and secondly to let people hear some of my songs.

Another reason is quite poignant as just before Christmas 2011 I suffered TGA (Transient Global Amnesia). My wife rushed me to hospital at 1.30am where it was decided I would stay for tests. On arriving home at 3.30am she wandered into my office/recording studio and thought, "What will I do with all his songs?"

Hence, when I recovered she insisted I should get them all on-line.

I hope you enjoy my story, photos and songs and the tracks of Karen-Ana, who has one of the loveliest voices I have ever heard , I have also published a new song.

Here it is: created with the help of Opkar Hans on guitar and keyboard, 'My Woman Of The Night' just click below to take a listen

We have now been running a few years and still coming across old friends and new ones too. I welcome any stories, photos etc from you.


June 2015
Me and Chip Taylor

Monday 1st June, 2015 was a very special day for me. Al Grindley invited Chris Britton and me to The Potters Heron in Romsey, where he was filming an interview with Chip Taylor for a film entitled The Story of Wild Thing. As I had never met Chip I was very eager to have the chance to meet the man who, with his song, changed the lives of four Andover lads.

I arrived midday only to find that Chip was resting in his room, however, he came down to reception and we had a good chat. Great to be able to tell him I was looking forward to his show that evening at The Lantern Theatre.

Al was intending to do more filming, during evening rehearsals, and wanted us to be there. I do not know if it was pre-arranged, but to my surprise Chip invited Chris and me on stage to play "Wild Thing" and "Anyway That You Want Me".

From nowhere a bass and guitar appeared. Having not played the numbers for many years and "Wild Thing" in a different key, I was a bit worried, but after a run-through, I soon relaxed!

Me and Chip Taylor Photo (c) Mr Trev Photography

Playing Wild Thing


At 8pm Chip appeared on stage with John Platania, his very talented guitarist, and they ran through songs from his albums, including "Angel Of the Morning". In the second half he introduced Chris and me and invited us to join him on the stage. We played "Anyway That You Want Me" and after a tribute to Reg we played "Wild Thing".

The evening will always be special to me as Brenda. (Regs wife) Pat, (Ronnies wife) and their son Darren and, Hilary, my wife all shared this unique evening.

Chris Britton, John Platania, Me, Chip Taylor Photo (c) Mr Trev Photography


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