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The reason for setting up this site is twofold, Firstly, to tell you about the bands and artists I have played over the years and secondly to let people hear some of my songs.

Another reason is quite poignant as just before Christmas 2011 I suffered TGA (Transient Global Amnesia). My wife rushed me to hospital at 1.30am where it was decided I would stay for tests. On arriving home at 3.30am she wandered into my office/recording studio and thought, "What will I do with all his songs?"

Hence, when I recovered she insisted I should get them all on-line.

I hope you enjoy my story, photos and songs and the tracks of Karen-Ana, who has one of the loveliest voices I have ever heard , I have also published this song.

Here it is: created with the help of Opkar Hans on guitar and keyboard, 'My Woman Of The Night' just click below to take a listen

We have now been running a few years and still coming across old friends and new ones too. I welcome any stories, photos etc from you.


September 2017

Wow! Thank you for the kind words and reviews of "Wild Thing - A Rocky Road", I really appreciate it. For those who have been asking where it can be purchased. It is available online from Waterstones and Amazon. It can also be ordered from Waterstones stores and most book shops.

August 2017
‘Wild Thing – A Rocky Road’ gaining a lot of interest in USA after my interview with Richard Johnson, top columnist on Page 6 of The New York Post.’

Check this link for the interview

UPDATE: Great News - My Autobiography is now set for publication in September. I will keep you posted on its availability. See below for latest image of the cover
Bio cover New Haven Publishing has signed The Troggs bass, Pete Staples, for his autobiography Wild Thing: A Rocky Road. The book will release September 1st, and as with all New Haven titles will be available everywhere worldwide.

This is a must-read memoir of a time when screaming teeny-boppers howled their way hysterically through 60's concerts. Pete Staples takes us behind the scenes of a life lived in the limelight as their hits reached the number 1 spot on the billboard in the UK and the US. In his own words, Pete tells you what it was like: "We had only been together for nine months when we recorded two songs in 45 minutes that became number one in the UK and America at the same time".

"This was quite an achievement and catapulted four lads from Andover into an unfamiliar world of greed, High Court battles and the inevitable arguments about money, leading to acts of self preservation and betrayal. Life in a pop group opens many doors, none more bizarre than the door to our manager’s house, where we could have anything and anybody we wanted. It was also a period of great fun, hilarious antics and pride."

Cover by graphic designer guru for New Haven Pete Cunliffe

More titles at our website

An American author approached me wanting to write my autobiography. I was very flattered, but then realised Id enjoy reliving it in my own words and that has included growing up in Andover, family life and playing in local bands which lead to the unbelievable achievement of enduring worldwide hits.

The bust-ups and management problems are all in the book, but most of all the humour and tremendous fun I had. I started last September and, hopefully, will be finished in July. (Publishers, please!!)


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